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A writer working for a taiwanese animation company decided to quit in the most epic way possible. Dancing to the Kanye West track, “Gone”, Marina Shifrin dances in empty cubicles, sound booths and signs off shaking her butt and quitting her job. Fed up of lack of guidance and constant shift changes, the 25 year old plans on moving back to the US and looking for a new gig.

We all imagine quitting a job in some outrageous or memorable fashion, but few of us ever actually do, fearful of burning bridges or destroying important career contacts.  What do you think about Marina’s “I Quit” video to her employer?  Do you think it will help or hurt her chances of securing a new job back in the USA?  If you could make your own “I Quit” video, how would you go out in style?  Share your thoughts and comments below!

[grabpress_video guid=7ad73fa27950904360ff0613d7d79b69da831566 embed_id=2022043]

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