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Social Networks and Recruiting

LinkedIn has been the preferred tool for awhile when it comes to social recruiting and employment.  With over 93% of recruiters using the tool to find candidates and post openings, and a good 43% of recruiters solely using LinkedIn to recruit, the numbers are hard to beat given the many ways the platform can be utilized by both employers and job seekers to connect.

But this year, we’re seeing some shifts in other social networks, as well, as companies look to leverage those networks to provide new tools to link up job seekers and employers.  Facebook launched its graph search feature which has high potential with the new ability to seek out potential candidates (pending of course their information is public and searchable.)

There have also been a number of companies trying to maximize Facebook’s presence over the past few years such as Jobvite, Branchout, and Jobcast, and new ones coming to market looking to tap into its 1.06 Billion monthly active users.

While Twitter has been a distant third in the mix, it’s been stepping up its game mostly through the sheer number of people who have embraced the tool as a daily form of communication.  New platforms like Gozaik and SocialJobsBoard, among others, have launched, hoping to piggy back on twitter’s success and give recruiters, employers, and job seekers a means to wrap their head around ways to utilize the communication tool for recruiting.

Between the two current underdogs, which social network do you think will have a larger impact on recruiting over the next year: Facebook or Twitter?  Vote below in this week’s birdfeud!  If you think it’ll be something else all together like Google+ or a newcomer, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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