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It depends on how involved you want to be with teleseminars. You don’t need a website to have a teleseminar. You don’t need web hosting. You don’t even need online audio or fax broadcast or voice broadcasting. You don’t even need a database. However, those things do help.

All you need for a teleseminar is a phone. Whether you are doing the interviewing or if someone is interviewing you. So, for the record, you just need a telephone and whatever that costs you each month, you’re in business.

Now let’s take a look at what it takes to be in more business and do more business using teleconferencing. It’s nice to have a web presence because you can get people on a teleconference very quickly. What changed my teleseminar world, and actually rocked my teleseminar, world is when the commercial web came into being. In 2000 I started doing more and more web work. Now, along with several of my colleagues, I can get a thousand people on a free teleseminar within 24 hours. So it is pretty amazing what the web can do. You can’t do that through direct mail, even fax broadcasting, but you can do it through email and through online registration.

As you move forward you can expand the operation and get webmaster services, hosting, a shopping cart, and an audio generator.

One of the things you need is a webmaster. Don’t do this work yourself, you need a webmaster. If you are a webmaster, then you’re lucky, because you get the templates for free as a part of being in the Teleseminar Secrets course. I do have webmasters I can refer you to. You just look at some of the resources in the executive summaries, as well as the approved vendor list that we have.

Now, a good webmaster will be worth somewhere between $40 to $50 an hour–I’ve paid some webmasters more, depending on how long you are hiring the person and how much you work with him or her. So figure about $50 per hour.

An Ask page to get people registered to a teleconference or a registration page shouldn’t cost any more than $50 to $100 dollars. Hey, there’s no reason to become intricate here or to create a stunning looking website. Just use the templates and you’ll be fine. Those are free.

Hosting will cost you somewhere between $9 to $12 a year. You can get a good host at GoDaddy.com. It’s a good registration service, and you can have it hosted in any number of ways. I’m actually starting a hosting company soon, because a lot of people need hosting and some additional e-business tools, but a good host will cost somewhere between $9 to $12 for basic service and then upwards of $30 – $40 dollars if you want to get a little bit more intricate. The hosting service I’m going to have will be somewhere around $20 a month.

This just goes to show you that it really is easy and inexpensive to have a teleseminar. There are a few other things that can be helpful, but I’ll discuss those in a future article. Good luck!

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