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The hardest part of the interview process is often just getting to the job offer stage.  But, once you’ve landed that offer, deciding if it’s the right fit for you can often be the most mentally tasking, especially if you’re in the lucky position of entertaining more than one offer.

Everyone has different things they look for in their ideal job and employer, so when it comes down to accepting a job offer, do you have deal breakers?  For some people, it’s the flexibility to work from home, for others it’s having access to affordable daycare, and still for some, it’s all about their paycheck.

In today’s birdfeud, we’re breaking the decision down into two main camps to see what’s more important to you in moving forward with your career.  Is money the ultimate motivating factor (think salary plus benefits package) or is overall fit with the company culture and work/life balance more important to you in selecting your next role?

Which is your deal breaker when considering a job offer?  Pick a side in our birdfeud or feel free to leave thoughts on other deal breakers you consider in the comments below.

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