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Do you know what the most important impact of your job interviewing is?

Is it having a terrific work history? Or a firm handshake and ready smile? How about your connections and name-dropping? Actually none of the above.

The most important thing that can come out of your job interviewing is that an employer can remember you! You read that right. Memorability . . . that’s what will make the difference.

You see, in most cases, no employer is going to make a hiring decision about you on the spot. He/she is going to weigh you against other candidates. They are going to reflect on your credentials to see if you match their expectations. In other words, any decisions about you are likely to made long after you’ve gone.

So, what can you do to make sure you stand out in a decision-maker’s mind? What can you say that will make an employer remember you?

Well, the answer is not so much what you say as how you say it. Assuming you’ve got good credentials that qualify you for the job, then, what’s going to make the difference is how you present yourself . . . in a way that will stand out in an employer’s mind and enable him/her to picture you over and above the rest.


Learn how to talk about yourself using stories rather than an arid recitation of facts about you. You have to remember that an employer is likely to conduct job interviewing for a number of candidates. And they’re all trying to sell something about themselves.

If you’ve ever had to do any job interviewing, you know that after while the candidates tend to pale into a sea of gray. And you really have to scratch your head to remember what’s outstanding about each job applicant. But if you could remove that burden by establishing yourself through carefully-structured, colorful stories about yourself, you can dramatically move the odds in your favor.

I say “carefully-structured” and “colorful.” That means you have to select specific qualities you want to emphasize to a particular employer. Then, find a work-related incident that best highlights that event and tell a colorful, memorable story that creates a picture of you in action in the mind of the decision-maker.

Prepare several stories. Then, selectively tell them at the appropriate time in the course of job interviewing. The good news is that there’s an exciting alternative job search system that shows you exactly how to structure these stories and use them to turn you into a winner in the interview!

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