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Today I reviewed a resume from an applicant who had applied to one of my company’s roles. She is a great candidate with interesting experience, but one thing on her resume stood out clearly to me: she wanted me to see her university education and experiences associated with her time at said university. This was no accident as they were placed at the very beginning/top of the resume.

While her education and experiences are great, unless you are a recent grad with no relevant professional experience whatsoever, you should move the education portion to the bottom of your resume.

Why? Because of a not-so-secret secret that most employers care less than you do about your education. What they want to see is a track record of accomplishment–that you took on a challenging curriculum and excelled in that environment.

That being said, employers absolutely want to see what relevant work experience you have and what insights you gleaned from those experiences. A good resume tells this story.

As for why you should place the most relevant information at the top, another dirty little secret is that employers don’t always look all the way through a resume. They assume that you have done the work of placing your most relevant accomplishments toward the top (often this is chronological) and that everything else is less important to you and them. This can be debated over and over, but just take my word for it that you want to place critical info “above the fold” of a resume.

I’d love to hear what other folks have to say about this in the comments below!

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