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For many people, taking personal calls at work can be a bit awkward.  There are the people who roll their eyes at you when you’re trying to provide IT support to your grandmother over the phone, or the inappropriate calls you overhear of people reprimanding their children or making date night plans with their significant others.  Sometimes it’s best just to avoid taking personal calls at all to escape any distractions or embarrassments.

But, when you’re in the midst of a job search, as much as you try to arrange calls outside of work hours or schedule time out of the office in an effort to maintain secrecy, sometimes you have to plan for the unexpected and find a place to take an impromptu phone interview while on the job.

Two of the most awkward places to take a call (and yet also the most common) are from the company bathroom and from your car.  The bathroom makes for a quick and plausible escape, but is riddled with noise and sanitary issues at the very least.  And, making the trek out to your car can be conspicuous, leaving other co-workers guessing what you’re doing, not to mention the cramped quarters and possibility of someone coming to knock on your window to check on you.   When it comes to phone interview etiquette,  what do you think is more awkward?  Vote now in our weekly birdfeud.

While you’re at it, let us know some of your best and worst suggestions for places to take a phone interview while at work in the comments below.

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