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would you like my friend to get a job

Austin, TX, April 2013 – Terefic has launched a facebook campaign to help a Gulf War Veteran find a job.

Thousands of veterans retire from the military every year to come home to a new battle – one where they are fighting to find the job they deserve.  “Some highly-skilled veterans find it difficult to be recognized for the skills they have learned in the military,” said Emmanuel Toutain, Terefic’s Chief Executive Officer. “We might not have a solution for everyone, but we can change someone’s life.”

The “ Help a Veteran Get a Job ” Facebook page was created to help Dana Sanders get noticed by a hiring manager. Anyone can help, just by clicking “Like” and “Share”. Sixty-eight “Likes” got Dana a job interview; more “Likes” can get him a job offer.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/HelpaVeteranGetaJob

About Dana Sanders

Dana is a former Gulf War veteran with the U.S. Air Force, in which he served 20 years. He retired honorably from the military as a telecommunications technician in 1997. He then worked as a subcontractor in support of the NATO/SFOR forces in the Balkan. Dana received several certificates of excellence for his good work. Despite his capabilities, Dana found it very difficult to find a job that crossed over to his area of expertise when he returned to the USA in 2000. He ended up taking any job just to pay the bills and support his family. While employed, he went back to school to hopefully get better opportunities. Eventually, Dana lost his job in January 2011 and has been unemployed since that time.

About Terefic

Terefic (www.terefic.com) is a hosting platform for sealed-envelope job references. You ask your former bosses and co-workers to serve as references. They will fill out an online survey and send it back to your profile. You can then send your references to prospective employers when you interview for a job. A positive reference can help you get a job offer.

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