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enjoy interviewingWhen you dislike interviewing, your performance significantly decreases and you fail to reach your full potential. Though, a significant aspect of getting a great job involves effective interviewing and instead of avoiding the meetings, you must embrace it and enjoy the journey.

Even though interviewing is full of rejection, it’s imperative that you put negative feelings to the side and anticipate the best. Understand that positive thinking is the first step to your new job.

When you enjoy a meeting, you come across as more relaxed, personable and, most importantly more self-assured; your answers sound more sincere and you become more approachable.

Though, the number one way to enjoy interviewing more is to become better at it. Here are just a few ways to do so:

  • If you don’t feel like smiling force yourself to smile.  All hiring managers want someone who is upbeat and enthusiastic.  Realistically, you have only a few seconds to make a great impression and a sincere smile will get you on the right path.  Everyone likes someone who is engaged and friendly.
  • Envision a Successful Outcome and the Benefits it Will Bring – Think about the following: What will a new job bring you? What are the main benefits of receiving the offer? Take the time to picture you reaching the aforementioned goals and the future success at the firm you’re interviewing with.
  • Make the interviewer feel like you want to be there. Often, when we begin interviews, the mood is tense and tone is full of skepticism. Though, you can easily change that. The best way to warm up to the other party is to encourage the interviewer to talk about themselves.  Find out how the person started, what they like about the company, what their background is and be sincerely interested in their answers. Remember, people take an interest in you when you do the same.
  • Listen Intently. The best way to turn an interviewer off is to not listen. People, including hiring managers hate being interrupted. Instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next, focus on what the individual is saying and use that information to formulate a response rather than thinking about anything else while the person is speaking.
  • Use the interviewer’s name. The deepest craving we have as human beings is the need to feel appreciated. The most successful people remember others’ names and address them as so. If you have trouble with this, make sure you get the interviewer(s)’ business card and refer to it when needed.

In the End

The moment you begin to enjoy interviewing, is the time you’re going to receive more job seekers, a higher salary and have a better career. Changing your thought process is not academic work, though altering one’s mindset will require practice, but the repetition of positive expectations pays off.

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